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Shamanistic Wednesday

July 22, 2015

Really great shoe today with Ælainian and Terry Mann in the Green Room today. Campo is now doing a three song in a row these days! We heard in the EBR Snews today: Plastic bottles being recycled and used as pavement for roads replacing asphalt and reducing CO2 footprint! Big ups to Rotterdam for spearheading […]

Great show today with Lane Martin, Terry Mann and Eniale Arreis on English Breakfast Radio! We heard the news of Catylin Jenner sadly, Campo, Terry and Lane didn’t fit in Elaine collection of high heels! Also in the news asparagus pickers in trouble by the local law and a lawyer from Kenya has an amazing dowry of cows, goats and […]

The Mann of Wednesday

April 29, 2015

Today we had 20 year local resident Mr. Terry Mann, originally from Old Amsterdam who is a self made street musician talking about the change of Amsterdam over the years of his residence and how artists, specifically street artists have pretty much vanished from the streets. He closed the the show with a live freestyle blues jam […]

Wednesday Rap up!

March 11, 2015

Welcome back Ælaine today to the green room with her lovely polka dot dress! Campo missed her so much. We talked this morning about a bag of air from Kanye West’s Yezuus tour fetching over 60,000 dollars on eBay. Yes, that is not a typo! Also on sale was a bag of fart from the […]

TenTemPies en vivo!!!

February 25, 2015

Awesome show!! TenTemPíes live in the green room this morning!! But first, Brainy Matt & Campo ran the first hour this morning because Ælaine was out getting her hair done or a manicure or pedicure or whatever women do for hours on end in the mornings. We had a bit of Science Snews this morning […]

Wednesday Rex

February 18, 2015

Of course we had another great show! We always do, cause we are the Happy Hump Day show!! After our Is Your Mind Blown segment, Brainy Matt busted out with some science news about Flavour Tripping, in which a certain berry called Synsepalum dulcificum or in the vernacular Miracle Fruit, that contains a protein that will […]