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 Another Happy Hump Day show in the bag!! Yep. Another great show with Campo, Ælien and Brainy Matt busting out music, the news, weather and traffic. We heard great songs and a three in a row dedication to EBR number 1 listener Ju Ju Julio! At 8am we had a delight in the Green Room, Dr. Sterre […]

Another great Wednesday morning with Campo, Elaine & Brainy Matt!! Here is the Top 10 in case you missed it: 10) Double Dutch is not only gobbledegook, or gibberish, it is also a rope skipping game played by two people turning two long ropes in the opposite direction while a third person jumps up and […]

Wednesday of Brains!

January 14, 2015

Another great Hump Day Show!! Today, we invited and proud to introduce a true Tarheels supporter Brainy Matt, who is a friend of Elaine’s and is visiting Holland. He is a biology teacher and will be our resident science advisor from the next three months! We brought back ‘Is Your Mind Blown‘ and Brainy Matt […]

Comeback Tuesdays

January 13, 2015

It started with audio issues… obviously. Today we welcomed Nate back to the show as he got back from a long trip back state side. Planning for his wedding and eating burrito’s. Liesbeth taught us the magic spell to make people fall in love with you. It’s basically sharing who you are with somebody. BUT, […]

First Hump Day of 2015

January 7, 2015

Happy New Years everyone from Campo & Elaine! We eased into the new year today with us going back and forth about the Dutch language, grey goo, robots learning how to cook, solar systems with water and turtles having sex (yes, that was Elaine’s two cents!) Played a bunch o songs from the 80’s and […]

Game of Wednesdays!

December 17, 2014

Another great show today with Campo and Elaine sitting in the green room. We talked about the lack of doctors or rather, the lack of interest of the doctor’s approach to patients in Holland. We broke the fast with our featured guest Mishael Lopes Cardozo who is a sword master, martial artist, a painter, musician, a […]

Retro Wednesdays II

December 10, 2014

A great hump day show today with Elaine and her sauerkraut madness. Sitting in on the Green Room was Mr. Rory Campbell blasting away his Rory’s Retro and today it was about Ian McLagen keyboardist who has played with The Small Faces and later the banded renamed to Faces featuring a very young Rod Stewart on the […]