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English Breakfast Radio is moving!! Don’t worry, we are not moving far, just a few clicks on your dial. As of January 5th 2015 we will be broadcasting on Stads FM, ether 106.8FM and cable 103.3. This provides a great opportunity for EBR to gain new listeners and the signal reception within Amsterdam is also […]

Game of Wednesdays!

December 17, 2014

Another great show today with Campo and Elaine sitting in the green room. We talked about the lack of doctors or rather, the lack of interest of the doctor’s approach to patients in Holland. We broke the fast with our featured guest Mishael Lopes Cardozo who is a sword master, martial artist, a painter, musician, a […]

Retro Wednesdays II

December 10, 2014

A great hump day show today with Elaine and her sauerkraut madness. Sitting in on the Green Room was Mr. Rory Campbell blasting away his Rory’s Retro and today it was about Ian McLagen keyboardist who has played with The Small Faces and later the banded renamed to Faces featuring a very young Rod Stewart on the […]

Wednesday de Quartz!!

December 3, 2014

Campo was riding solo again this frigid 2C morning but kept the air waves hot with some early morning R&B and as the clock moved forward we started rocking out! At 8 am we had our debut appearance of Olly De Quartz, a Romanian band based in Amsterdam for the past ten years! We chatted […]

Share the Love Wednesdays!!

November 26, 2014

The Green Room was in full cast this morning with Tuesday’s host Emil and the lovely Elaine telling us about her ‘transgression’ at Melkweg last week. To coin Emil’s segment: The Balls on That Guy! We had our wonderful Is Your Mind Blown and it seems Elaine was completely stymied on every topic! We also […]

Retro Wednesday

November 19, 2014

Campo was riding solo today because Elaine had a big busy day moving house. We did quite a few 3 in a row in the first 40 mins, from Duran Duran, INXS, Bryan Adams and more! Later in the day we had Mr. Rory Campbell, infamous keyboardist and musician bringing back his Rory’s Retros!! It […]