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Wednesday Wifiless

October 15, 2014

No wifi in the studio which left us to have to talk to each other but still go to Mr.Mister in concert.Thankfully Pat printed out the news before he came in, Liesbeth managed to get some weather through on her phone, we covered the Packers yesterday and we had Miles O’Bumpers up the sky for […]

Tuesday Runners

October 14, 2014

We had David and Anjo in the studio today. They will be running the half marathon this sunday in Amsterdam. We talked to them about preparation and training with House of Running. What a boatload of fun that was and we’ll catch up with them (get it?) next week. The target is finishing. However, me […]

We had our resident biologist Stephan van Duin on in the first hour and we talked about his recent trip to Moscow. He was pleasantly surprised by what he found there. Now Moscow might be like Amsterdam is to The Netherlands. A part of the country, but not a true representation of it. Still, it […]

Tuesday Show Guardians

September 30, 2014

We had astronomer Yvette Cendes in our Studio. We talked about the stars and the importance of searching for radio signals out in the ‘verse. If you’d like to experience find out out more about astronomy head on over to Science Park on the 4th of October between 12:00 and 17:00. They’re part of the […]

Wednesday Adventurers!

September 24, 2014

It was an action packed, head banging, up-and-down kinda show on 99.4FM English Breakfast Radio┬átoday. Wednesday Warblers, Uncle Frank and Emil ‘the real deal’ caught-up with former 500cc motor cycle riding ace Daryl Beattie, were stood-up by Midstokke guitarist Steve Antonsen and gave a heads-up to punk rock outfit Jim Jones Revue who play the […]

Tuesday Thunder

September 23, 2014

With two boys in the studio it only took 30 seconds to say the word….. well…eeerrhm…. ┬áTake a listen to the show. Emil and Nate took out there verbal shotguns and fired there thoughts and laughter at a Shia LeBeouf running an art marathon in Amsterdam, racist boy Billy, celebration injuries, judges making judgement calls, […]