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Farewell Fridays

September 1, 2014

Better late then never. As we said Hello friday morning we were also saying goodbye to fridays own Camille. We may have talked about too many things to wrap up here. Head on over to the archive to listen back. But Camille deserves to have a farewell photo. You have escaped the clutches of EBR, […]

The Tuesday Show adventures

August 26, 2014

Today we saw the the addition of a couple of new segments. “Liesbeth reads something”, “The Misunderstood Misadventures of Clam Dickmann” and “What’s Up Amsterdam”. You can find What’s Up Amsterdam at┬áto listen to what you can do during the weekend. We learned that basket cases are all around us and look for you […]

The Tuesday Show

August 19, 2014

A whole heap of fun on today show as we officially welcomed Nate Tytor aboard The Tuesday Show. He told a fantastic Monte Carlo gambling story and showed us how he manages to fluently speak french. Liesbeth taught us a new made up word “Verstopruimen”. A combination of ‘Verstoppen’, to hide. And ‘Opruimen’ to clean […]

Turbulent Tuesday

August 12, 2014

The show was very much themed along the life of Robin Williams. Happy, sincere, caring, ridiculous. We certainly did our best to put a silver lining round the big old grey cloud. Be kind to each other and take to heart what a former disney princess said: “When you hug a child, you let go […]

Mixed Wednesday

August 6, 2014

Due to popular demand the Warblers went Basics-mad again today, playing Part 2 of The Basics live gig recorded recently at the Melk Weg. The 4 tracks included songs from the soon-to-be released album, We Are Just Good Friends. Uncle Frank was very excited by the news that 2014 Eurovision winner Conchita is in town […]

The Basics & Warblers

July 30, 2014

The Wednesday Warblers kicked serious butt today with exclusive vision of The Basics gig, filmed on Friday night at the Melk Weg. The band brought the house down with their unique brand of rock n roll and personal charisma. The pictures we captured were stunning. See it here Uncle Frank, Elaine & Paul would like […]