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TenTemPies en vivo!!!

February 25, 2015 dj

Awesome show!! TenTemPíes live in the green room this morning!!

But first, Brainy Matt & Campo ran the first hour this morning because Ælaine was out getting her hair done or a manicure or pedicure or whatever women do for hours on end in the mornings.

We had a bit of Science Snews this morning that the UK has announced “MPs have voted in favour of making Britain the first country in the world to permit IVF babies to be created using biological material from three different people to help prevent serious genetic diseases.” source:

Re-cap of the EBR Snews: Marijuana grow shops are becoming illegal, Groeningen has been experience earthquakes and Rotterdam is bracing itself for a retaliation from last week debacle in Rome as supporters will be flooding the city. The police are all on standby! Ladyzunga Cyborg has changed her name to ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQURSTUVWXYZ! She is fetish model, DJ and university art lecturer!

At 8am the green room got very Latin flavoured with Maurino, Jouke, Nathan and Miguel who are four of the eight member band TenTenPies. Although it’s difficult for musicians to be up and coherent so early in the morning, they jammed four songs live, including Campo’s favourite Queiro Saltar (cause he’s in the music video) and we had a little interview.

The members of the band are mostly from Chile, one from Venezuela and one rocking Indoroccan on the bass. They admit that amongst themselves the speak and mix of Dutch and Spanish as they have dubbed ‘Chilanese’. The band name has two meanings: “Stand on your own feet” is a spanish saying and it is also another word for Tapas, which everyone loves to munch on!

They are playing at Melkweg this Saturday evening (Campo will be there in the VIP section of course) and you can purchase tickets from their website and other merchandise.

Check out their YouTube channel for tons of music videos and let us know which is your favourite!

Next week: a real cyborg will be in the green room. Yep, a cyborg named Chip Knip!

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