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Wednesday Rex

February 18, 2015 dj

Oedipus RexOf course we had another great show! We always do, cause we are the Happy Hump Day show!!

After our Is Your Mind Blown segment, Brainy Matt busted out with some science news about Flavour Tripping, in which a certain berry called Synsepalum dulcificum or in the vernacular Miracle Fruit,¬†that contains a protein that will block all sourness from ones taste buds and allow them to eat a lemon or anything sour for that matter without getting ‘Lemon Face’.

At 8 am we had the pleasure to bring to the green room Theodora Voutsa, a well accomplished woman who holds many titles such as actress, director, life coach, teacher, author, radio host and much more! She talked about classic Greek Theatre dating back to Sophocles and her world premier of Oedipus Rex in Amsterdam with an 30+ international cast of actors premiering Feb 27 to March 1st at the University Theatre of Amsterdam. We also found out the Theodora, Campo and Frank Sinatra all have one thing in common!! What a small world!

Check it out on Facebook and book your tickets!! Campo will be there!

Next week, Tentempies in the green room busting out some Latin flavours!!



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